Kalunga Unspoken

Video: Azul Lima

The video “Kalunga Unspoken – Sopro” is a part of a serie of videos created inside of the concept of Kalunga Unspoken. A collaboration between the visual artist Azul Lima and Luanda Carneiro Jacoel.

Kalunga Unspoken -Explores the transit of a written text in other medias.  It is a synesthetic experience of vision, sound, text, movement and installation in site-specific locations.

Text by Sueli Carneiro, extracts from her doctoral thesis: “The Construction of the Other as a Non-Being, as a Foundation for the Being” (original title: “A Construção do outro como não ser como Fundamento do Ser”

PhD. Sueli Carneiro is philosopher, writer, black feminist and anti-racist activist. She is founder and director of Geledés – Institute of Black Women in São Paulo, Brazil and considered one of the main authors of the black feminism in Brazil.

Is part of the trilogy of Kalunga pieces which explores the meanings of the word Kalunga in the Bakongo Cosmogram (Dikenga). Kalunga is a word from the Bantu languages (an ethno-linguistic group located mainly in sub-Saharan Africa) which means the sea, as well as the burial grounds.