Skin Pulse



Video-Dance: Skin Pulse

Creation in Dance: Luanda Carneiro Jacoel

Video Maker: Anahí Santos

This Video-Dance is part of the project: “Creation in dance, in the Brazilian symbolic universe”

2007 – Exhibited at 21 Mostra do Audiovisual Paulista in São Paulo -SP, Brasil

The project is a collaboration with the Núcleo Cachuera! de Artes who’s work is to open a dialogue between contemporary dance, performance, theatre and popular Brazilian traditions, both on stage, in educational practices and as a part of the preservation of the popular cultural inheritance. Núcleo Cachuera! de Artes is a part of the Associação Cultural Cachuera! based in São Paulo, Brasil.


                                          Funded by the prize “Prêmio Funarte de Dança Klauss Vianna”-Brazilian Ministry of Culture.


criacão em danca no universo simbólico brasileiro