I – Kalunga Unspoken

Video: Azul Lima

Kalunga Unspoken – Explores the transit of a written text in other medias.  It is a synesthetic experience of vision, sound, text, movement and installation in site-specific locations.

Is part of the trilogy of Kalunga pieces which explores the meanings of the word Kalunga in the Bakongo Cosmogram (Dikenga). Kalunga is a word from the Bantu languages (an ethno-linguistic group located mainly in sub-Saharan Africa) which means the sea, as well as the burial grounds.

Performance/Concept by Luanda Carneiro Jacoel

Live Music/Sound Installation: Åsmund Kaupang

Video/Images/Music: Azul Lima

Text by Sueli Carneiro, extracts from her doctoral thesis: “The Construction of the Other as a Non-Being, as a Foundation for the Being” (original title: “A Construção do outro como não ser como Fundamento do Ser”

PhD. Sueli Carneiro is philosopher, writer, black feminist and anti-racist activist. She is founder and director of Geledés – Institute of Black Women in São Paulo, Brazil and considered one of the main authors of the black feminism in Brazil.