ACTS – laboratory for performance practices



ACTS – laboratory for performance practices is an artist-run organization for practical research in the field of contemporary performance.

Based in Oslo, Norway, ACTS was founded in 2011 and it is driven by the artistic directors Fernanda Branco and Luanda Carneiro Jacoel.


The foundation of our work is on bridging interdisciplinary art forms in Norway, to foment development through the actual exchange between artists from different artistic backgrounds. ACTS focus on local and transnational artists to expand notions of local-global and vice-versa from the perspective of being in long durational transit.

Within the contemporary sociopolitical context of increased and accelerated global mobility, ACTS positions itself as a mobile organization that promotes mobility between art forms.

ACTS seeks to collaborate with various cultural locations with a temporarily and site-specific approaches to it.

We sustain our cultural projects throughout collaborations and partnerships from individuals to institutions, at both local and international levels. We are constantly in the search after new forms of performance and collaboration, and how these can be facilitated. We seek to foster a diverse cultural platform in Norway while being part of an existing global wave abroad.

ACTS values the constant development and growth of an artist and therefor we engage in promoting regularly activities in the spirit of broadening artistic competence.


. promote an arena for interdisciplinary art exchange between local and transnational artists.

. offer spaces for a regularly practice in the field of performance in order to support a continuous artistic growth of professional and young artists.

. build a bridge between critical and practical knowledge aiming to support reflection in dialog with practice outside the academic sphere.

. engage non-mainstream venues as dynamic cultural scenes, focusing on auto-sufficiency, temporality, mobility and site-specificity as guiding concepts .

. promote diversity amongst interrelation of art forms.

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ACTS – laboratory for performance practices

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